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Some Information About Us And Our Goals For This Site

Hi, and welcome to our website. My name is Bob and along with my wife Sue, we look forward to providing you with lots of useful information regarding asthma. I have been in the computer field for many years while Sue has been a registered nurse for over 20 years. We have 2 awesome children, Zach who is now 12 and Renee who is 15, a dog, 2 cats and 2 rabbits. At least last time I looked.

Where We Came From

Sue is from California while I grew up in upstate New York not far from Niagara Falls. We met while I was in San Diego going to a Navy School and the rest is history. We spent the first 4 years of our marriage in Jacksonville, Florida while I was still in the Navy. In 1990 we moved from Florida back to my hometown area in New York. But just before Christmas in 2006 my job brought us to the Denver, Colorado area. We ended up in Castle Rock about 30 miles south of Denver. It took us less than a week to fall in love with the beauty of this area and we have never looked back.

Our Background and Goals for this Site

Sue is the medical specialist of course, so I guess I am the research specialist as well as an all around nice guy. Our goal is to provide you, our visitor, with very useful information that you can understand and then put to use. We are going to present the information in a way that I can understand, because if I can understand it, then you most certainly will be able to also.

When we first became interested in natural treatments, we were surprised at the lack of good resources that were available. In order to find any useful information, you had to go to so many different places that I am sure most people get frustrated and give up. The worst part is that when you finally do find some something useful it is in medical speak that even a nurse of 20 years will have trouble understanding.

There Are Some Excellent Natural Treatments Out There

The good news is that there really are some exciting natural treatments out there that are working amazingly well for many different ailments and diseases. We had a hard time deciding what our first (more to follow) website would be about, but finally decided on asthma. One reason is that there are over 20 million people in the US alone with asthma. The other reason is that there are a large number of you searching for this information everyday and not finding what you are looking for.

We Want To Provide You With Useful Information

So our goal is not to convince you to try natural asthma treatments. What we want to do is provide you with enough information, based on many, many hours of research, in a way that you can understand. That way, you will be able to make a much better decision about whether a natural asthma treatment is right for you.

Even if you decide not to try a natural asthma treatment, there is still plenty of information on this site to help you understand your asthma and to make better decisions regarding your treatment.

We will also provide you with links to other sources of information such as books or articles. And as we come across products that we feel are worthy of our recommendation, we will also point those out and provide you with links so that you may purchase them if you desire to do so.

We highly recommend that you always keep your doctor informed about what treatments you are pursuing.
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