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Dangerous Acupuncture Side Effects Don't Exist

acupuncture needle Are there any dangerous acupuncture side effects? No there are'nt. Acupuncture is a very safe way to promote the natural healing of the body. It also does a great job of improving the overall function of the body. Check out the how does acupuncture work page to see what is happening during your aacupuncture treatment.

What You Could Experience During Acupuncture Treatments

During the procedure, you might feel a very brief stinging sensation when the needle first pricks your skin at the specific acupuncture body point. Or you could feel a dull ache around the point where the needle broke the skin. I wouldn't exactly call these dangerous side effects though.

Here are some other reactions that some people have after starting acupuncture treatments:

  • A feeling of deep relaxation
  • Mild disorientation for a day or two.
  • Dizziness, sweating, or nausea for a few minutes.
Compare these acupuncture side effects that last for a very short time to the possibly dangerous side effects of some prescription medications.

Without any dangerous side effects, the benefits of acupuncture are even more appealing.

The Healing Process After Receiving Acupuncture Treatments

Some other things you might experience which are not side effects but actually part of the healing process are:
  • Your symptoms (for whatever ailment you are getting treatment for) might get worse for a few days after a treatment.
  • You could see a slight change in your appetite.
  • Your emotional state might be affected for a few days.
  • When and how often you go to the bathroom might see a slight change.
  • Your sleep pattern might also be affected for a couple of days.
As we mentioned, these are not acupuncture side effects, but the results of your body adjusting to the positive changes that are happening in your body.

Selecting An Acupuncturist

Just like you should take care when selecting your primary doctor, the same care should be taken when selecting an acupuncturist. By selecting a properly trained and licensed practitioner (there are about 20,000 in the US), you will not have to worry about any dangerous acupuncture side effects.

When compared against a lifetime of having to take some prescription medications, with real life dangerous side effects, the benefits of acupuncture are a very attractive alternative treatment.

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