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Asthma Help - Getting To Know Asthma

Human Lung This asthma help page is designed to provide you with access to the information you need to get a complete understanding of asthma. You won't find all the useless medical terms that only doctors will understand. This is written for the people who just want to know what asthma really is.

You might have been diagnosed with this disease and just need some help understanding what you have. Or you might be wondering if what you are feeling could be asthma. Many of you might be wondering what you should do now that you have it. This asthma help page will answer these and many other questions you might have. So lets get started.

Asthma Help Fact #1 - What is Asthma

Having asthma means that the breathing tubes or airways going to your lungs are extremely sensitive to one or more different things. These things are called your asthma triggers. It's kind of like being allergic to something. If you come in contact with or do any of these things, then your airways get extremely irritated. When you have asthma, you really don't want to get your airways irritated because that is when bad things start to happen.

Asthma Help Fact #2 - Irritated Airways Are Not Cool

Now that you've really ticked off your airways, they pay you back by causing the following things to happen:
  • Think of your airways as tubes. Normally when you breathe, air goes through these tubes back and forth to your lungs very easily. Not anymore. The insides of these tubes (your airways) start to swell and become very sensitive. The more they swell, the smaller the tubes get. Now the air has a harder time going back and forth to your lungs.
  • Your tubes (or airways) all have muscles around the outside. These muscles aren't real happy that you ticked off your airways. So they start to get real tight, kind of like a cramp. Since these muscles are around the outsides of your airways, this causes the airways to get squeezed together. The more squeezing that happens, the less room there is for air to get through.
  • Now for the final payback event. It's bad enough that your tubes or airways are now getting real small from the first two events. But now they start to get filled with gunk (mucus). This gunk plugs up your already shrunken tubes. Breathing continues to get harder and harder.

Asthma Help Fact #3 - Introducing Your Asthma Symptoms

How bad the following asthma symptoms will be depends on how bad your airways got irritated. They could be different every time your airways get irritated and you have an asthma attack.
  • Coughing - With your airways now extremely sensitive, you will be experiencing the traditional asthma cough. This will be a persistent cough with lots of gunk coming out with each cough.
  • Wheezing - Trying to breathe through your smaller than normal airways will create a sort of whistling sound. It seems to happen more often when you breathe out or exhale.
  • Shortness of Breath - You just can't seem to take deep breaths. You might find yourself taking lots of short quick breaths. Sometimes this happens gradually so that you might not notice it at first.
  • Tightness in the Chest - This is from the muscles around your airways trying to squeeze them shut. In some people this can even get painful.
I have a complete page dedicated to asthma signs and symptoms where you can learn about some additional symptoms and also some of the early warning signs that an asthma attack might be coming.

Respitrol can help you and your family in the following ways:

  • Promotes easier breathing
  • Relieves wheezing, coughing, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath
  • Strengthens your overall immune system
  • Boosts your energy level for a more active lifestyle
  • You get these results without any side effects

Asthma Help with Links To Lots Of Other Asthma Information

I have listed the links from this asthma help page to detailed pages that I have put together on other important asthma information. This will provide you with all of the information you are looking for regarding asthma.

Asthma Help with the Benefits of Prescription Medications

Lets list the advantages of using prescription asthma medications:

  • They won't cure your asthma so you get to keep having asthma attacks for the rest of your life.
  • You get to spend your hard earned money on drugs that won't cure you for the rest of your life.
  • You get to keep taking these drugs for the rest of your life.
  • You get to worry about the dangerous side effects of these drugs for the rest of your life.
  • You get to keep visiting your doctor and hospital emergency rooms for the rest of your life.
If there were no other options available, you might be tempted to just keep taking these drugs. Unfortunately, many people believe the lies from the multi-billion dollar drug companies that there is not a cure for asthma. But, as more and more people are getting cured from their asthma with natural remedies, these drug companies are getting nervous that the truth is finally getting out through places like this asthma help web site.

Asthma Help with Natural Asthma Treatments and Remedies

There are a bunch of natural asthma treatment options available. And there are many people who did not accept the fact they they would have asthma the rest of their lives, tried a natural remedy and now are completely asthma free!

You will find my favorites in the list below. These are a list of ebooks written by people who have discovered how to cure asthma. Could the drug companies do the same thing? Of course they could! But they can't patent these cures so there is no money to be made. Since they make billions every year selling their asthma prescription drugs, they do their best to make sure you don't find out about these cures.

The following list is of some of the natural asthma treatments that are available. Click each link to get a complete description of how they work to cure your asthma:

Do you have a child with asthma? Don't make them spend the rest of their lives with asthma! Get them started on a natural cure today.

Go from this 'Asthma Help' page to the 'Home' page.

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Natural Products

Claritose - Natural allergy relief for all your symptoms.

Respitrol - Relieves wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and much more.

Biovent Drops - Supports healthy lungs and helps keep air passages open.

Triple Complex BronchoSoothe - Relieves tightening of the chest to open airways.

Asthma Aid - Soothes and strengthens the lungs and helps rebuild your immune system.

Respirator - Helps tone the lungs, expels mucus, clears your airways, and relaxes your breathing.

Breath Ease Spray - Provides sinus congestion relief.

B-Eaze Oil - Helps clear nasal passages and loosens mucus.

Immune Booster - Boosts your immune system to help fight disease, colds, and flu.

Allergy Aid - Contains 12 different herbs to help reduce allergies.

Bronchitis - Contains 11 herbs to help open bronchial passages and prevent infections.

eBooks on Natural Remedies That Work

Dramatic Asthma Relief Report

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How I Naturally and Safely Cured My Asthma Condition For Life!

Learn the Power of Aromatherapy

Home Remedies That Work

We highly recommend that you always keep your doctor informed about what treatments you are pursuing.
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