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Asthma in children is a very serious and common disease, one that affects many millions of children worldwide. According to recent asthma statistics, there are an estimated 20 million Americans suffering from one asthma type or another. Approximately 9 million of those cases are childhood asthma. So as you can see, asthma in kids is very common and can actually be more serious than adult asthma.

An Explanation of Normal Breathing

When your child breathes, air travels between their mouth/nose and their lungs. They don't even have to think about this process, their body takes care of that for them. Now between their mouth and their lungs are airways or breathing tubes. When your child takes a breath, these are the roads that the air takes to get to where it is going, which is to the lungs.

While this air is in their lungs, their body automatically takes the oxygen it needs from the air and tells their body to get rid of the rest by breathing out. When your child exhales or breathes out, the used air takes the same road to go from their lungs back to their mouth and out into the air.

Breathing is Automatic

Your child doesn't have to tell their body to keep breathing, it just knows that it has to and they couldn't stop it for very long even if they wanted to. They can try holding their breath, (and sometimes children will) but their body will be fighting to make them breathe again and eventually they will have to give in and take a breath. If they hold their breath too long, their body won't get the oxygen that it needs and they can pass out as a result (not a healthy thing to do) and then their body will start breathing again on its own.

Asthma in Children Causes Breathing Problems

For someone with childhod asthma, the roads or tubes that the air uses to get back and forth from their lungs are very sensitive to certain things. When your child comes in contact with any of these things, their breathing tubes get very irritated and pretty much throw a temper tantrum.

Asthma in Children Bad Result Number 1

This sets off a chain reaction of bad events that end up making it very difficult for your child to breathe. The insides of their breathing tubes become inflammed and start to swell. This effectively makes those tubes much smaller than normal.

Asthma in Children Bad Result Number 2

Then the muscles around the outside of those tubes tighten up and start to squeeze those tubes shut. This makes those breathing tubes even smaller, so that very little air can now get through.

Asthma in Children Bad Result Number 3

Now gunk (or mucus) starts to form on the insides of their breathing tubes. This begins to clog up the already shrunken space that the air has to get through to go back and forth to the lungs. Depending on how irritated the tubes have become, your child could now be having an extremely hard time breathing. They are now having an asthma attack.

Comparing Breathing Tubes to a Straw

Breathing can be compared to taking a drink through a straw. With a normal sized straw, your child can take a drink without a problem. As you give them a smaller and smaller straw, they have to work much harder to get that drink. As the straw becomes too small to get a decent drink, they will end up getting very frustrated because no matter how hard they try, they just can't get a good drink.

That's what happens to a child with child asthma. When their airways or breathing tubes get irritated by something, those tubes start to get smaller and smaller. The child begins to get very frustrated. Eventually they could become terrified because they just don't understand why they can't breathe. This can make a bad situation even worse.

Asthma Signs and Symptoms

The symptoms for asthma in children are the same as for other asthma types. The one exception is cough variant asthma which only has the one symptom.
  • Coughing - a persistent cough where you are also coughing up gunk or mucus.
  • Wheezing - a kind of whistling sound, usually when you breathe out.
  • Tightness in Your Chest - the muscles around your airways are getting tight.
  • Shortness of Breath - you are having problems getting a good breath of air.
You'll also want to check out the page on acute asthma attack to see what could happen in extreme cases.

You'll also want to check out the page on asthma triggers. You will find out all about the things that can irritate the airways for all types of asthma including asthma in children.

Asthma Attacks Can Become Life Threatening

Some asthma attacks are worse than others. If the airways become too small, then the lungs can't get enough oxygen from the little bit of air that is getting through. It then becomes a medical emergency. Your child's body has to have oxygen in order to survive. If their body is not getting enough oxygen, their vital organs can cease to function and death can result.

You Have the Following Asthma Treatment Options

Prescription Asthma Medications

What many people don't know is that prescription medications for asthma do not attempt to cure asthma. The medical community insists that there is no cure for asthma. They are correct in the sense that there are no prescription medications that can cure asthma. So by using these meds, you have to realize that you will be using them for the rest of your life.

Natural Asthma Treatment

Contrary to what the medical community would have you believe, many people are getting cured of their asthma every day. Not with prescription meds, but with natural asthma treatments and remedies. Some people see their asthma signs and symptoms disappear within days of starting some of these treatments.

So you have a choice for your child:

  • Have them take prescription meds for the rest of their life.
  • Spend a fortune on these meds.
  • Carry around an emergency inhaler because their regular meds don't work very well.
  • Spend lots of time with their doctor.
  • Get very familiar with hospital emergency rooms.
  • Live a quality of life that is far below that of children without asthma.
  • You will always be wondering about the long term dangers of taking these meds.
If that doesn't sound too appealing, then check out the natural treatments listed below: Asthma in Children - It Does Not Have To Be A Life Long Disease!

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Herbal Products

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We highly recommend that you always keep your doctor informed about what treatments you are pursuing.
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