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Homeopathy Remedies

Following is a list of some of the homeopathy remedies for asthma that are used in the process of stimulating and strengthening your body to eliminate your asthma symptoms and causes:
  • Aconitum - use when you begin to have an asthmatic breathing episode, when there are feelings of fear, anxiety, and restlessness present.
  • Antimonium tart - this is given to children with a rattling cough who are unable to get rid of the gunk in their lungs and airways. Their condition might have been set off by being annoyed or mad. They feel weak and drowsy and are worse early in the morning about four a.m. They would rather sit up than lie down and they are also restless and irritable. They are cold but don't want a warm room. They want a cold room with the windows open.
  • Arsenicum album - this is one of the homeopathy remedies for asthma given when you have dry wheezing that turns into a cough that brings out a frothy, whitish liquid. You might also be exhausted, restless and anxious. It is harder to breath when you are lying down and these symptoms seem to be worse just after midnight. You might be cold with chest pain and feel heat in your head. Warmth might be comforting.
  • Blatta Orientalis - this homeopathy remedy is for an acute asthma attack. It provides immediate help which should then be followed up with a more permanent solution.
  • Chamomilla - for when you have a dry irritating cough that might have been brought on after having a tantrum or becoming overexcited and angry. Your asthma symptoms seem to be worse in the evening after 9 p.m. You might be hypersensitive leading to irritability and agitation. Children seem to breathe better if they tilt their head back and they calm down somewhat if they are carried.
  • Ipecac - for children who are nauseous with a loose cough and who are not able to expectorate, Ipecac is a good choice for the homeopathy remedy. They have wheezing and mucus that mixed with blood. Throwing up helps a little because they get rid of some of the mucus. Any kind of motion is very aggravating as well as hot humid weather.
  • Lobelia - as far as homeopathic remedies for asthma go, this one is for children who have nausea and vomiting along with their asthmatic breathing difficulties. Their symptoms get worse with exposure to cold. They might feel a weakness in their stomach and a lump in their chest.Just before their symptoms show up, they have prickling sensations all over their body.
  • Natrum sulphuricum - used when asthma attacks are the result of exposure to mold and dampness. Your chest might feel extremely weak and wheezing is aggravated by any kind of exertion. Your asthma symptoms seem to be worse early in the morning.
  • Nux vomica - this homeopathic remedy for asthma is used when an asthma attack is accompanied by a tense, constricted feeling in the chest. There might also be a pressure in the stomach with symptoms being worse in the morning. Too much in the form of stimulants, alcohol, sugar, or spicy foods can be the trigger for these symptoms. Irritability, impatience, and chilliness are also present.
  • Pulsatilla - when eating rich food or getting too warm causes you to start wheezing is when pulsatilla is recommended. Your coughing also brings up yellow colored gunk accompanied by gagging and choking. Cool fresh air helps the tightness in your chest which seems to be worse in late evenings. Children tend to be emotional and want a lot of attention.
  • Spongia tosta - the last of the homeopathic remedies for asthma in our list is used for when a very hard or barking cough accompanies an asthma attack. Breathing is labored and not much gunk is present. These asthma symptoms usually start when you are asleep.

The Goal Of All Homeopathy Remedies

The goal of all homeopathy remedies is to gently boost the natural energies of your own body, to strengthen your own immune system, so that your healing can begin from within. And this can be accomplished without any dangerous side effects. So if you are looking to get rid of your asthma symptoms once and for all, consider using homeopathic remedies for asthma.

Remember, these homeopathy remedies for asthma are recommended while under the care of a homeopathic professional qualified in their use for best results.

If you need help finding a licensed homeopathic practitioner in the US you can try the: American Institute of Homeopathy

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We highly recommend that you always keep your doctor informed about what treatments you are pursuing.
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