Natural Asthma Treatment

by Laura

My niece was just diagnosed with asthma. My sister had no idea what to do. She doesn’t have health insurance. She hasn’t found out how much this is going to cost her family in medication yet. But she knows she probably can’t afford it because she will most likely need this for the rest of her life.

She came to me with this news because she knows I am into natural herbs for medicinal purpose. I have read and applied what I have read to healing my own ailments. I drink natural herb infusions to keep my body healthy. I have also cured my own bladder infection using herbs and herbal tinctures and decoctions. I use a natural wrinkle reducer, made a knee salve for a pulled ligament, etc.

I started doing some research for her to help her out. I found that mullein tea helps with bronchial inflammation and respiratory distress. The stories that I have read give positive praise to the herb. They also say it is very nourishing to the immune system and to the whole body.

I have never tasted mullein leaf tea, so I do not know what it tastes like. This may be a problem when trying to get a toddler to drink. However, I have found out through my own experience that cinnamon can be awesome when added to a tea that may be unpleasant in taste or even bitter. She could also try adding the tea to juice. Apply may be a good juice to add to it, especially if cinnamon is being added. Nothing goes better with apple than cinnamon.

I plan to continue my research to include salves or oils that may be created to help with asthma. I suggest you do your own research to find natural cures and add them here. I would love to read about them as I am on my own journey to learning.

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